Git Hunt


WakaTime was built to solve time tracking for programmers.

Since we work inside a text editor, why should we have to start and stop a timer? WakaTime uses open-source text editor plugins to automatically track the time you spend programming so you never have to manually track it again!

Git Hunt is a wonderland for developers and creative people.
GitHunt's public service:
  • The trending GitHub repositories selected by users
  • Programmer excuses API for lazy programmers : API
  • GitHub Trending API : API
  • Collections for similar repositories [todo]

What else do you need? Let us know via email

GitHunt itself

For how I started Git Hunt, I would regard this as a typical-sunday side project. I finished it in one night using Node.js and PHP, I submitted it to Product Hunt as soon as I successfully run it in my VPS. Product Hunt brought here over 10k UV on the first day and made me think it worth a try continuing this project. Till now the story of Git Hunt is still on...


Just me and a friend of me who made the last edition of GitHunt's front-end interface, I was really busy at that time so he came to help a lot, but he's not really an Internet people.


Anything related to Git Hunt : [email protected] or track us on Twitter